I'm a freelance digital marketer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.

If you want a self-starter to come up with new ways to market your business, I'm the right person to talk to. (However if you already know exactly what you want and you're just looking for someone to do for you, that's not me. Every step forward sparks an idea for improvement in me, so I never stop innovating, thinking, connecting and improving. To be happy, I have to have that. Not that it's disruptive, it's continuous improvement.)

I'm a marketing systems guy. I make every interaction sing the same brand song, and much of it I can automate so you can succeed (as they say) while sleeping. I can help you sort out your marketing strategy and then get it done with a co-ordinated programme of content marketing and search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media and web development.

As an aside, I'm also a drummer.

If you're interested, here's where I do these things:

There is another antipodean John Allsopp who is rather more famous and wrote a book, I won't say what about (except that it was about web technology) as that will increase the chances of people who want him finding me. I'm not him, just to confirm. I did try to get a placement with him when I was at uni just for the fun of there being two John Allsopps in the office (two ells, two pees) who were both web tech people, but he very sensibly declined.

You can email me at john@johnallsopp.co.uk if you like.

If you use Twitter for business, you might also like my Twitter Growbot. I love it and use it every day, I'm not sure why it's not set the world alight tbh.

Then I've a bunch of unrealised great ideas like this usability testing service (almost no-one 'gets' usability, it really could be your superpower) and the related idea Genuine Feedback. DidGud is pretty cool but hasn't got traction yet. I built my own Personal Kanban time tracker. I'm not a great learner of facts .. you know those people who just absorb facts and can recite them? I turn facts into principles and live by the systems they lead to. Weird eh? True though. For example, with languages at school I had to work really hard to learn vocabulary. All these decades later I built Learn Spanish Words as a flashcard system that adapts to your level. I do a lot of Opticians marketing. I'm getting into personal persuasion as a superpower :-) Oh and I'm using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to help the local LGBT community build and get behind a unifying vision (AI is a process of finding out what's really energised you in the past and working out how to get more of it in your life, I'm also using it well to help a company define its strategy having lost someone key and with a global specialist who is about to retire and is wondering how to step up (not down).)