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Got a website? Internet marketing needs you to concentrate for a sec
2010-02-25: I pride myself on being able to explain complex things in a way that everyone can understand. Well, I did. That was when I 'just' built websites.
The Internet is simple compared to Internet marketing. Explaining Internet marketing is a bit like explaining walking to someone who doesn't. It's deep stuff and you really have to go back to basics: links, PageRank, content, human relationships and social media, branding, usability, trust.
I've tried to overcome that by my most recent style of blogging where I've either picked one small aspect of Internet marketing and explained that, or I've talked about the results I've achieved. If I can double your business, who cares which buttons I pressed to do it?
The problem with the results oriented messages is it tends to feel a bit salesy and lacking in substance, and that's a problem for me because if there's one thing I don't lack it's substance. Substance is kinda my USP (unique selling proposition/point, ie. it's what makes me different, why choose me over anyone else).
What is working is when I can get someone's attention for a while. Maybe an hour. It works when I write my big, custom Internet marketing reports that people tend to refer to as their bible, and it worked the other night when I presented for about 80 minutes to the fine business people of Pickering and thereabouts about the principles of Internet marketing. It's not often I get called 'brilliant' but it happened twice last night. I'm chuffing chuffed.
It seems once people understand the principles underneath Internet marketing it's like a little light goes on and they suddenly see what I see .. all the possibilities. A way forward. A path. Then people get excited.
But until then, I'm just noise, I'm one of many Internet marketers, most of whom do this: Around the time Thatcher was PM, I walked past my neighbour one day and his daughter was getting out of her car. I'd never met her. She looked straight at me, pointed to the packages in her open boot and said "do you want to buy a fax machine?"
That became a standing joke for me and my business partner at the time, we still use it now as an example of how not to behave.
I'm not like that.
So it seems, if you have a website and want your own Internet marketing light of possibility, it's alright skimming, but really you need to invest a little time to load it all into your head and start to really 'get' it.
And the best way of doing that, would be for you to ask me to suggest, in a report, how you can improve your business online. Then what you spend your time on is geared towards your specific needs. It's time efficient.
I'll understand where you're at, and show you the way forward. Some or all of it you can implement yourself. Some of it you might need a hand with.
But it seems if your online business is going to change, we need to get deep. Give it its best chance, get in touch.

By John Allsopp
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