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Solid Rock Cafe video
2010-04-24: If you needed any persuasion that video is a crucial part of online marketing, search for the Solid Rock Cafe on Eastborough in Scarborough.
They don't appear to have a website, but early on in position 4, among the directory listings there's are two videos including this one:
Neither are professional, high cost productions. The video above is just one guy, a low-grade camera, no lighting, a bit of preparation and gumption and some video software, the other is a series of stills. It's had well over a thousand views.
And does it make you want to eat at the Solid Rock Cafe? Absolutely (it is one of our favourite cafes here in Scarborough, anyway, but I'm sold on the video). Maybe more so than a website. Video is more emotional, there's music, there's animation, there's (almost) human contact.
So don't just think about having a website. Think as much about online video, and you don't even have to do it yourself. Try running a competition for video entries, like we did for Retro 36, you might get a gem like this:

By John Allsopp
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