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How much to spend on SEO
2010-08-03: I have a client who is in position 8 for a search keyphrase and is making, let's make up some figures .. £2 profit a month from sales from 20 visitors. Is it worth putting in the time to get a higher position?
Based on switching around these figures, it looks to me like work that raised them to position 7 would bring in 13% more traffic. At position 4 traffic doubles. At position 2 it quadruples, and in the top position it is times .. wait for it .. 14!
That makes the annual benefit of putting in the work to be at position 7 £3.12, which doesn't pay for a lot of SEO time.
If we can get to position 4, that's worth £24.48, still not a lot of SEO time.
At the top position, it's £316.56. That pays for a fair bit of SEO time. Winner takes all, basically.
Obviously these are small figures but that's the calculation that small businesses have to make .. is it worth paying an SEO consultant to raise my search position? Well, now, we can work it out.

By John Allsopp
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