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The subtleties of SEO
2011-03-29: I have a client, let's say they have a solution for a terrible disease called the radges, and I've managed to improve their sales sixfold over a year by a combination of applying psychological persuasion principles, writing for search engine optimisation (SEO), a bit of link building, tweaking the layout to improve the bounce and conversion rates, and changing the currency to acknowledge the nationality of the most common buyer.
I missed this though, and it's why you should always start with a detailed keyphrase analysis.
They convert at 4.17% for the phrase 'fixing the radges', and at 3.5% for 'fix for the radges'. They rank well for the latter which I've been working on but not the former, which I haven't.
Here's the thing. The phrase which I haven't been optimising for is used four times more often.
So here I am optimising for one phrase, when if I'd been optimising for the other one, I'd have four times the sales .. well, actually, 4.48x the business if you take account of the better conversion rate.
So, I know what my next task is.
The moral of the story? Keyphrase analysis is extremely powerful, always do one, always be guided by it. Always.

By John Allsopp
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