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2011-04-03: I'm formalising one of the ways I work, and calling it A Million Tweaks. It's basically consultancy in affordable bits for small businesses, and being in Scarborough with lots of B&B experience, I've started with marketing B&Bs and small hotels.
Since it's my own business I can bootstrap it .. start from nothing and build from there. So I've worked through my own free-to-use online marketing guide (it's open to everyone so feel free to look around that site), particularly the online marketing strategy stuff and formalised my routine for writing for the web, for SEO and for Google (I haven't written it up yet, but I provide the link because I will).
Using my own methodology as if I were using Flow Marketing as a client, here's the text I've ended up with for B&B and small hotel marketing.
I mention it in case you are a small hotel, bed and breakfast or guest house .. if you could let me know whether my text 'works' for you or leaves you cold, I'd appreciate it.
In the meantime, I'm a bit pleased with it. Obviously it needs to be shaped in the forge of online traffic interaction, but it's a good start. Unless you think different.

By John Allsopp
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