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Trailing business like it's a TV programme
2013-07-05: I'm curious about how TV trails you in.
So, for many years now, I've resisted committing to TV programmes. I won't watch serials. I'm actually scared of wasting my life on something like 'Lost' where I start with an implied agreement to watch, say, 8 episodes and end up committed to 122 that don't, in the end, leave me with anything of value.
I watch Channel 4 News when I can, flick the TV around in the morning trying to find interesting news and occasionally I'll try to find a film to watch. Oh, and Top Gear.
Just recently, though, I committed to The Returned (8 episodes) and around that, I've found myself tempted, by trailers, to watch other programmes.
And that got me thinking ..
.. about how businesses could and should be working together, trailing each other, working in partnership. So if I work for a dentist, why can't I partner with an optician, and if we're talking teeth whitening and stylish specs, why not a hairdresser and clothes shops and other lifestyle sources.
That's kinda it .. the thought. The metaphor of marketing businesses as if they were TV programmes, by trailing them around other programmes/businesses.

By John Allsopp
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