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2013-11-30: I was reading Babauta's Less this morning and he says one way of deciding whether you should be doing a thing at all is to work out whether it matches your values or not. In a previous blog I talked about brands and values. That system applies just as much to freelance web developers and marketers such as myself.
That reminded me of the fact that I've analysed my own values, but I've not shared them with you. So .. here's what I stand for, in priority order:
  1. Independence: I like to do things differently (especially if that means doing stuff unusually well and/or starting from first principles).
  2. Boldness & ambition: I always have a big vision, I never do 'just enough', every action is part of a plan, a step towards a worthwhile goal.
  3. Truth & focus: I always have a clear idea of where we are going, and I'll get there using surefooted, proven methods. I like science. I'm an engineer.
  4. Awareness: I'm always aware of all the people involved, especially the users. I'm awake to the subtle things not just in the data, ideally I'll want to know how a user feels when they use a website of mine. This leads to opportunity & quality. Usability is a big driver of mine.
  5. Artistry & ingenuity: I like creativity, I'll do whatever I can to bring emotion and human meaning to my work.
  6. Depth: I am a deep thinker, so I'll bring intelligence, depth and expertise to all my work.
All of those things have downsides as well as upsides. That's why I created Surge Marketing, it's the place where I do what you want. Here, I do mostly what I want & hope to attract people who want similar things.
Some nascent projects unfolding from these values include Learn Spanish Words: a Spanish vocabulary builder that keeps plugging away at the common words you don't know, ToDoBerries: a better What's On? guide and accommodation chooser, Twitter GrowBot: an internal tool to help me find local Tweeters on behalf of clients, and a phenomenal timesheet tracker .. well, it looks amazing in my head anyway.

By John Allsopp
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