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What Corbyn means for marketing
2015-09-14: I'll keep this short.
Corbyn's landslide victory means there is an appetite for saying it like it is, giving people a voice, and standing for something.
It's obviously not just Corbyn, it's Podemos, Syriza and so on. It's a people's uprising against shapeshifter politics where politicians believe in whatever the focus groups tell them.
Marketing, online at least, tends to find things that work and then max them out in ever shorter cycles. The death of a 'technique/trick/hack' happens when the recipients learn effective defences, which implies that it's damaging.
(It suits the solution sellers as they can sell the next thing.)
That is the world Corbyn voters no longer want.
Don't you feel it with the persuasive headlines online? Don't you sometimes just want to unfollow the whole lot? Those media don't believe in anything more than the click.
For me, the best definition of what marketers do is: we identify a problem, and we organise ourselves to solve it.
That places marketing as a massive force for good in this world.
No tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden agenda. See a problem? Fix it.
Marketing, Corbyn-style involves people. Use social media to get people to vote for the next film you show, the next food you sell. Get ideas for improvement from the people who support you.
I do have a great (and simple and cheap) way to help you identify your company's values and that's pretty much how I do marketing if given free reign: identify what you stand for (excitement? quality? freedom?) Then (if yours is 'freedom') I build a marketing strategy around "what would you do if you lived for freedom?" "How can we build a movement / join the community of people who also live for freedom?" With a tribe of hardcore supporters, you'll have your success.
If you stand for something, and live by that, what you do won't wear out. You won't need salesy tricks to get people to buy. They'll support you, because they want you to succeed.
That's my kind of marketing.

By John Allsopp
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