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Roof progress
2004-08-18: The roof is progressing. In the end the fabric covering did let in quite a bit of water around the chimney stacks, but it really was an unusual few days of rain.
Mark's still doing a grand job. The slates look wonderful. The new slates. Apparently, one thing to watch is how much overlay there is between the slates, I think it's measured from the nails to the bottom edge of the tile above it. 2" is common, but insufficient. 3" is better. Obviously a lower priced job might mean you get 2" of overhang because it uses less slate.
On the two stacks where we'd had the leadwork re-done, Mark said the lead was, I think he said grade 3. The grade is the thickness, and this is too thin for the job. Lead being easily bendable, he said he was surprised it hadn't blown up in the wind. He'll be putting in proper thickness lead.
One chimney pot was cracked, so Mark's replaced that and concreted around the top. I couldn't believe he stood astride the roof with a petrol driven circular stone saw to remove the old concrete. Not me matey! Mark concreting in the new chimney pot previous

By John Allsopp
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